Electrical Requirements

415 V / 61 Amp




233 x 193 x 82 cm


570 Kg

The 2000 CFM dehumidifier is the perfect unit for Desiccant dehumidification in Australia.

Features of This unit

  • Swivel Locking Fixed Castors
  • Can be Stacked on top of each other for storage
  • Remote Humidistat
  • Mounted on trailer with winch for easy loading and unloading
  • 18” or 20 “ Round Supply Connections
  • Also supplied for hire with Protective Cage

We have used this unit on several commercial buildings which has limited access. Typically desiccant units are placed outside the building and ducted in from the outside. Many buildings may not provide sufficient access for this to happen.

In this case you can use to 2000 CFM machines. It can be wheeled through a standard sized doorway and can even fit inside larger lifts or freight lifts.

Power Supply

We also have a 45 KVA generator available for hire with this unit if you do not have site power. However, we have found that most commercial buildings with 3 phase power can support this equipment. This will save you hire costs on a generator.

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