Water Removal Max

(90°F/90% RH): 67.7 Litres /day

Operating Range:

1° – 38°C Compressor Type: 5,595

Process Air

160 CFM


855 mm


530 mm


530 mm


45 kg

The LGR 1800 is one of the top selling LGR dehumidifiers. They outperform and provide excellent performance and reliability. They are LGR (low grain refrigerant) meaning they can keep drying after ordinary dehumidifiers become ineffective at drying.

Power Requirements: Draws approx. 5 amps - Requires a 10 Amp Circuit

Since this dehumidifier is LGR, it can make the air much drier than a standard refrigerant machine so it can continue to dry, even at a lower humidity. LGR therefore can provide you will value for money, as is takes less time to perform the same work as a normal dehumidifier.


  • Drying property in winter with low humidity
  • Structural drying
  • Mould remediation
  • Indoor pools
  • Records storage
  • Power plants
  • Telecommunications
  • Food drying
  • Labs

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