Sound Level

65 DB


45.7 x 58.4 × 22.9 cm


9.52 Kg


Thermal Overload Safety Cut Out

Amp Draw

0.6 Amps


Drying Carpet

Can be placed on top of the carpet for top down drying. In certain situations this can work if underlay is replaced.

Drying Concrete Floors

Perfect for use on concrete floors since it is a low velocity steady flow of air disbursed over a large area.

The Dri Eaz velo is one of the most common air movers on the Australian market. It uses far less power than a standard air mover so the issue of having tripped power circuits is reduced. Other features include:

  • Can be pointed in a variety of different positions (eg. sideways and inclined)
  • Engineered low velocity air flow which disperses well over several surfaces.
  • Very portable and easy to transport in standards sized vehicles. Can also be stacked.

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